Membership Info

Members make the Cooperative because they ARE the Cooperative. Co-ops are member owned and democratically run organizations. Members set the goals and direction for the Co-op. Instead of focusing on profit, the Co-op’s mission is to serve YOU!

veggiesYour membership will help the NUCMC raise the capital needed to get your Cooperative started. Memberships are lifetime and give you a voice in how the Co-op is run. With your support through membership we can bring an exciting opportunity for consumers to New Ulm to serve the wider area’s needs and desires for fantastic food, education, and social events.


  • Co-op Membership = $150 One-time Membership Share
    • We offer the following payment plans to work with your budget:
      • 3 payments at $50/month
      • 6 payments at $25/month
      • 10 payments at $15/month

Please fill out a membership application and become a member today! If you’d like more information please use the links below to contact us.

Annual Member Meetings